Small Group Strength and Exercise Classes

The classes will comprise of either 2 – 3 participants and will be directly supervised by our physiotherapist, Julianne Arico. As many of you know, Julianne has an extensive background in dance and a strong interest in pilates.

• Each session will last for 30 minutes and involve various exercises to improve your core strength, flexibility and neuromuscular control (coordination).

• Julianne can specifically target any problem areas that you have and closely monitor your technique / progress.

So, if you want to improve your core strength, flexibility and better use a structured exercise program to manage any problems but don’t feel comfortable or want to participate in a large class at a gym or pilates studio, let us know. We will be offering individual session or multi-session passes as options. Eligible people will be able to gain access to health fund rebates via HICAPS.