Welcome to Oatley Physiotherapy

Oatley Physiotherapy is committed to providing you with a professional service. We offer skilled assessments, specific diagnoses and provide quality hands on treatment using the latest evidence-based management techniques.

We take pride in maintaining a standard of excellence and delivering it in a friendly and courteous manner. Our Physiotherapists use a combination of manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy to ensure you make a quick and where possible complete recovery.

We pride ourselves on our ability to treat people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you are a youngster with a sporting injury or an older person with reduced mobility or arthritis, our goal is to help you achieve an optimal outcome. Everyone is welcome and treated with the same respect and care.

COVID-19 Protocols

We remain open and fully functional. To do this, we have instituted significantly increased safety protocols which are in line with all recommendations for the prevention of COVID-19 spread.

Among these protocols are:

  • all staff are wearing masks
  • mandatory hand sanitisation (with supply provided) on entry to and exit from our premises
  • correct spacing of all furniture
  • the use of floor marking to assist with physical spacing
  • the use of private consultation rooms and curtains to maintain physical barriers where practical
  • thoughtful spacing of bookings (to minimise wait times and patient cross over)
  • mandatory hard surface and equipment cleaning between each patient
  • cleaning of door handles, power points and taps multiple times per day
  • extreme vigilence with hand washing and sanitisation by all staff

In addition to these protocols, we are also happily performing home visits for patients who are high risk or just wishing to limit their exposure.

Physiotherapists have now also been granted the option of funded telehealth consultations by Medicare (through EPC referrals), DVA and 15 major Private Health Funds (some, but not all require initial referrals from a GP or specialist). We are keen to take these referrals and will ensure that we provide high quality assessments, treatment recommendations and exercise provision/supervision. This modality won’t be for everyone as it doesn’t allow for all treatment applications. However, thoughtful innovation and recommendations have already been proven to provide significant value for many patients.


Monday - Friday

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